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auto broker
25 Years in the Business
Your full-service auto brokerage
Everyone and anyone buying orleasing a car!
Coral Gables
We can help you lease or buy a new vehicle.
We accept only the cleanest, best-conditioned trade-ins
(305) 665-1577

Eighty-nine square feet… the size of an average parking space. Not much of a new-car showroom… but we sell a lot of cars on an 89 square foot lot.

That’s because we take everything unpleasant out of buying your new car: Parading from one showroom to the next. Endless hours of haggling over price. Paying for options you don’t want, just so you can get a few that you do want. Waiting weeks – or months – for delivery.

And we leave everything pleasant in: Getting the make, model and color you want, with the options you want. At a price most dealers can’t touch. And your delivery is typically within 48 hours.

That’s why so many of our customers come back again and again… and send us their friends and neighbors.

American Chariots. Simply a better way to buy or lease a car.

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